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This is my first time driving at Magny Cours

Competing in the Cooper Tires British Formula 3 International Series in my Mercedes-powered Fortec Dallara, coming into the weekend I've recorded 6 successive 2nd place finishes. My main rival being Jean-Eric Vergne, whose team has the mighty backing of Red Bull behind it.

Practice and qualifying go well and see me on the front row of the grid for the first race.

Race day arrives and on to the grid, nerves bubbling up as I focus on the row of red lights, waiting for the off. Getting into the first corner in front of Jean-Eric will be crucial if I am to break that run of 2nd places and take the chequered flag 1st.

The red lights come on one by one, increase revs and balance the clutch ready for the 5th light. Out they go and we are off. I make a great start, Jean-Eric has stalled on the grid. I'm leading into the first corner.

The weather is good, well it is sweltering actually, grip is good and the car is performing well. By the fourth lap I've built up a 2 second lead and I am comfortably the quickest car on the circuit. As the race progresses I concentrate on putting in a series of consistent lap times, looking after the car and tyres and gradually building on the lead I have.

With 2 laps remaining, I feel the pressure increase. I've got a clear lead, all I have to do is keep a similar pace, avoid any back markers and bring the car home. 1 lap to go and I'm less than 2 minutes away from taking my very first win in Formula 3.

Into the last corner, I power towards the finish line and see the chequered flag waving, I cross the line and take the win.

What a feeling. Ecstatic, I savour my in lap, with all the marshals flags waving and park the car up in front of the Number 1 spot.

I see my dad and the team and am buzzing. We have beaten the factory backed team, I've got my first win. I have a rant about what we've just achieved. I'm on cloud 9.

I take to the podium. I'm on the top step. My mother is 3/4 French, so to take my first victory there is all the more special and as the British National Anthem plays on French soil I'm grinning from ear to ear.

A truly memorable first F3 victory.

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