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Having got my ARDS race licence, my only experience to this point was in saloon cars on track. I was at Silverstone for my first drive of a Formula Renault single seater in 2006. Naturally it just had to be raining, as it always seems to when I go there.

I set off down the pit lane aware of the fantastic history of the circuit, knowing all the great drivers of Formula One have been on the very same strip of tarmac made the day all that more special.

I was driving on the National circuit, so was able to experience driving a fast, single seater through those famous corners such as Copse, Maggots and Luffield. Okay Formula Renaults are not anywhere near as quick as an F1 car, but driving a saloon car on track doesn't really prepare you for the speed you can achieve and the sensations you feel with a single seater.

First time out and obviously you don't know the limits of the car until you find them, given it was a wet track with lots of surface water, I had a few hairy moments where I did find the limit and had to catch the car as the back end came out. Luffield remains my real bug bear of a corner to this day.

I really enjoyed my test session, sadly funding at the time wasn't forthcoming to be able to pursue a competitive drive with the team.

I'm back in tin tops for now and really looking forward to joining the Clio Cup series for the rest of this season's championship. I was testing last week and that went well, it's a really competitive series and I'm the first girl to drive in the Clios since 2007.

I'm looking forward to my first Clio race at the BTCC meeting at Snetterton for my first outing.


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