Jeroen Bleekemolen



My 1st race in British Formula Ford.

I joined the field halfway through the year in 1998, my 1st year in racing.

Great racing with lots of future stars like Daniel Wheldon, Jenson Button and Marcos Ambrose.

Nice fights and cool to challenge the Van Diemens and Mygales with my Swift.


During my subsequent career I have competed in many different series including DTM, A1 Grand Prix, I won 2 Porsche Super Cup championships and in 2008 won the 24 Hours of Le Mans-race, in the LMP2-class driving the Van Merksteijn Motorsport's Porsche RS Spyder.

I have competed every year at Le Mans since 2006 and will be back again this year


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Jeroen on the podiumJeroen on the podiumJeroen's 2012 Le Mans Car. Photo by David BilienJeroen's 2012 Le Mans Car. Photo by David Bilien