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“I probably shouldn’t admit to this, however I got into motorsport when I used to ride motorbikes round the fields behind my parents house and I was always getting into trouble with the local police for doing it. So, as a trade off my mother said that if I stopped riding motorbikes in the field, they’d take me away to do schoolboy motocross so I guess it was my parents who first got me involved.

I started watching World of Sport on television which covered scrambling and motocross. Then we went to a track called Brill, near Thame, Oxfordshire which was a televised motocross circuit in those days, so it was great to actually go and watch the races there live. It was called scrambling in those days, but motocross is what it’s known as today. There were so many top riders at that time, but I suppose the main one who stood out for me was Belgian Roger de Coster who won five 500cc Motocross World Championships in the ‘70s and I believe still holds the record for 36 500cc Grand Prix victories.

My ambitions to compete were always there, right from when I was riding the motorbike around the fields. There were always other kids with their motorbikes there too, so the competition was there from the start.

The first time I drove on a circuit was actually riding the bike at Reading Schoolboy Scramble Club near Stokenchurch.

The first time I drove a car competitively was the rally stages, on the Galloway Hills Rally, in a Honda Civic where I won my class, while my first rallycross event was in an RX150 at Lydden Hill.

It’s hard to describe the feelings of being out on track against others, but having done rallying, I certainly much prefer racing head-to-head against other drivers, starting together and finishing together, rather than racing against the clock. I don’t think you can beat the buzz of either catching and passing someone or the pressure of people catching you

The people we meet and the places we visit are great naturally, but I suppose the two main highlights have to be winning the ACU British Schoolboy Motocross Championship at the age of 16 and taking a Supercar podium finish at Valkenswaard, Holland in 2011.

As for my favourite circuits, well in motocross without doubt, it would be St. Jean d'Angély in France, where they now hold the GP. In rallycross, that’s a bit tougher. I quite like Hell, in Norway, however I think my favourite circuit is still Holjes in Sweden.”

Andy Scott

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Hi mate I'm a massive fan of rally cross I live in thame and I was just wondering on how I can learn to rallycross

– Daniel Horry, April 27 2014 at 12:58

Hi Daniel. I'd say probably the best way to start would be in RX150s, which support the British Rallycross Championship? My son Marc is the reigning champion and defending his title this year, so if you're at an event pop along to see him and he'll show you round the Albatec car.

– , April 29 2014 at 09:53

Okay il try where abouts would it take place.

– Daniel Horry, April 29 2014 at 23:23

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