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Dario Franchitti

Early Days
My interest in racing came from my Dad, I got my love of cars from him and I would go to Ingliston with him to watch him race. Funnily enough I was only chatting with him the other day about a car he used to own back in 1976 and his main memory of it was how lucky it was that when he had an accident in it, it was misfiring as usual, otherwise it would have been a much bigger accident!

My earliest memories of going with him were sitting in this great scaffolding grandstand
. I can still picture exactly where I would sit, there are still certain sounds or smells that as soon as I’m exposed to them, they take me right back there in an instant. I’d have a hot dog and sit there for hours watching. The crazy saloons were my favourite, like Doug Nevin’s Beetle that had a formula 5000 engine & Walter Robertson’s VW with a 3litre Cosworth Ford DFV engine in the back. You could sit and watch year old Formula 1 cars racing round Ingliston. I remember one of the guys put one over the barriers and when it was recovered and arrived on the back of a truck, it was the first time I’d seen a car in kit form!

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Pippa Mann

Qualifying for the 2011 Indianapolis 500.

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